Foster's Beauties


We are a Creative Family Business, specializing in handcrafting functional art in wood and/or fused glass. All our products are made in our Portland, OR, home art studio, featuring two kilns, a lampworking area, a coldworking (glass) area, a lathe and many, many woodworking tools! All of our tools are hand controlled and guided by our own eyes and experience: No computer numerically controlled production in our studio. We primarily use locally produced goods, but do incorporate unique items from world wide sources such as some exotic woods. 

Scott is an expert woodturner, who makes magic on the lathe. He designs and handcrafts segmented and solid wood bowls using a variety of domestic and exotic woods. He also loves to work with glass, and is looking for opportunities to meld his two passions. An electrical engineer in his day job, he loves the creativity and freedom he has when he creates in the studio. In his free time, Scott roller skates competitively, and brought home two silver medals from the 2015 national figure roller skating championships.

Aviva combines kilnformed and flame-worked glass to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Since her first lampworking class in 2013, she has been mesmerized by the sight of molten glass and jumps on the torch at every opportunity. In her free time, she can be found reading science fiction and historical novels on her Kindle.

Ellie, age 12, works with both wood and glass, and her latest passion is pyrography on woodturnings. In sixth grade, she set a goal of going on a school-sponsored trip to China as an eighth grader and is making and selling pens and other items to raise money to fund her trip. When she isn't making art, Ellie is busy between competitive roller skating, saxophone and piano lessons.  During her rare downtime, she can be found picking out pop songs on her keyboard or with her nose deep into one of the many books she carries with her everywhere.

Together, the three of us make up Foster's Beauties.



Portland, OR 97219